Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alright I have challenged Scott to a ginger bread house-off. We will not tell you who is who and you have until Christmas to vote. May the best ginger bread house win... we were able to hightlight 4 things about the house. In the upper left hand of the blog you can vote... or comment

Number 1 (above picture)
Christmas Light around the top of the house
candles in the window
log cabin
wreath out of gum and fruit roll up
Number 2 (above picture)
gum Shingles
the hanging Icicles
chimney from Twizzler bits
flower pot in the front
This is Ann's it truly is the best one there is no comparison ... the wrapper was " to pretty to take off"
the duel rocking chair could be the best toys we have!

bells on bob tail sing...
Oh what fun it is to play with the Christmas tree
The start to our ginger bread houses


  1. It was hard to vote bc they were both great. I loved the log cabin look and wreath but the awesome chimney and gum shingled did it for me! Fun guys!

  2. Well, personally I though Ann's might be the best ;-), but between yours and Scott's I'll have to go with the log cabin. :-)

  3. aww thanks lara... sarah i agree with you! Ann's is the best!