Thursday, December 15, 2011

Alright I have challenged Scott to a ginger bread house-off. We will not tell you who is who and you have until Christmas to vote. May the best ginger bread house win... we were able to hightlight 4 things about the house. In the upper left hand of the blog you can vote... or comment

Number 1 (above picture)
Christmas Light around the top of the house
candles in the window
log cabin
wreath out of gum and fruit roll up
Number 2 (above picture)
gum Shingles
the hanging Icicles
chimney from Twizzler bits
flower pot in the front
This is Ann's it truly is the best one there is no comparison ... the wrapper was " to pretty to take off"
the duel rocking chair could be the best toys we have!

bells on bob tail sing...
Oh what fun it is to play with the Christmas tree
The start to our ginger bread houses


hmmm... designer tree? probably not but i love that the girls love it and made it their own. i pretty much decided that you only have a few years for you tree to look this cool so let it happen . It's a little bit tinsel heavy around the bottom foot of the tree... hmmm i wonder why that is?

Do your eyes hurt from all of the tinsel? Yep we handed the bag over to the girls and let them go to town!
Alices couldn't be more happy with grabbing it off and Ann chasing her around the house.
Leaves LEAVES and MORE LEAVES!!! We racked and racked and racked and we still have a ton on our grass!
this is crazy!
oh silly Alice... she so happy
she's our climber

Update from sept - Oct

For Halloween we were Ann: little red riding hood, Scott- axe man or woods man, Alice- wolf and i was the grandma. I LOVE LOVE LOVED our costumes! Ann was so excited to dress as a theme.
To the Columbus zoo we go... we went with the Howard's (we love them!)
Our attempt at a family photo :)
The 2 biggest hits were the penguins and the aquarium!
our carved pumpkins... these might have been our best yet
you could feed the birds. it was so fun! Alice really wanted to pet them

Halloween for Ann's preschool
The carving!! kids... and knives and slimy guts!!
Picking apples. we went with our neighbors. they are so nice and have shared their knowledge... the ins and outs of our town. I pretty much ask them EVERYTHING!! This is their little bot Ethan, Him and Ann are such good friends!
we are such dorks... i love it
Ethan and Ann
Yes for my children i get into small train cars and ride around!
It was so fun getting the apples! We made Grandma Hibbard's pie recipe when we got home... it's the best

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Visiting Great Grandma Syracuse

my grandma syracuse didn't meet alice before we visited (she was 6 months old) Alice was named after grandma and we had a chance to make the trip to see her to i took the girls and did it because my grandma is one of my most favorite people of all times and she's sooo worth it. it was such a great trip to have her know and play with the girls.
my uncle mark and alice sizing each other up :-)
oh grandpa and trees :-)
alice loved grandma she's really friendly in general it was so fun!

with Alice looking at grandma and Ann's fake smile... picture perfect

anniversary weekend

we went to an indoor water park it was so fun!
lazt river with grandma
ann and i racing down the slides
family fun!

loves to swing!

fun with grandma philburn!

grandma philburn came to visit us so mom and dad could go out for their 8th anniversary! what aa good mom :)
ann went to her first official princess party and was in heaven !

fun with grandma

Summer fun

My 27th birthday! can you see the chocolate on ann's she such a good helper!
Summer fun at the pool! Alice is such a water baby

I feel like we had such a fun summer!

me and my girls :)